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WordPress Website development

As a reputable web development agency, we take a comprehensive approach to Custom WordPress website development Services , addressing potential challenges head-on and delivering solutions that guarantee a flawless online presence. Our step-based process encompasses a wide range of technical aspects and user-centric considerations.

You want to create a website that is not only beautiful and unique, but also efficient and effective at driving sales and managing your business operations.

Our Journey on your WordPress Website development begins here


Seamless Updates and Testing​​

We commence by meticulously updating all website plugins and WordPress versions, fortified by thorough backups and rigorous testing. This ensures that your website remains unaffected by updates and maintains its functionality.


Robust Backup Strategy​​

We institute a meticulous backup regimen, scheduling both before and after updates. These backups are stored not only locally but also on remote drives, ensuring the safety of your website files in all scenarios.


Chrome Usability Enhancement​​

Our team conducts in-depth usability testing on Google Chrome, addressing any issues detected in the browser console. Be it JavaScript or responsive discrepancies, we rectify them to guarantee a seamless experience for Chrome users.


Impeccable Responsive Design​​

We meticulously test the responsive design across a plethora of platforms and devices, assuring that your website’s aesthetic integrity remains intact, regardless of the screen it’s viewed on.


Content Addition​​ and new Pages

We empower you to update content and designs on any page, harnessing the capabilities of various page builders or delving into CSS and HTML coding in the WordPress backend. This allows for both versatility and customization.


Advanced Analytics Integration​​

Our proficiency extends to integrating Google Tag Manager, which enhances your website’s tracking capabilities. This empowers us to monitor user behavior, button interactions, and visitor insights using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.


Seamless Website Transfers​​

We seamlessly manage website transfers across diverse hosting services, ensuring minimal disruption and preserving your website’s functionality throughout the migration process.


Google Search Console Optimization​​

We intricately examine your website using Google Search Console, addressing any concerns that could hinder its indexing on Google. Our expertise ensures your website’s optimal visibility in search results.

Frequentry Asked Questions on a WordPress Website development

  • Ecommerce websites with no time for website errors or usability problems
  • websites that needs to be totally up and working all the time with no losing for traffic
  • website owners with no time for taking care of their websites , we can handle that

We usually take only ( 4 – 7 ) days for a website development service to be done on the website .

we will make sure your custom shopify website can accept these payments :

  • PayPal payments , weather is direct with clients paypal account or is with his credit /debit cards through paypal processors
  • Stripe payment processors which can accept credit or debit cards and will be installed directly in your shop checkout page no need for client to leave the website
  • pay when delivered option for local stores

we have both – monthly development service for a website or by one time service .

lets get started on your WordPress Website development , get a custom quote today !

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